My Bloggieeeeeee

My Bloggieeeeeee

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The End of You.....

Plz I'm begging dont leave me,
And I am felt so guilty
Felt so lonely..

I'm living here without u
Is moreeee like a sorrow
I cannot take it anymore
The end of You
The end of You.....

I can feel your breathe is still whisper in the air,
My Love....
I can feel your skin near to me,
That linger in my heart....

I cant resist anymore,
I dont wanna lose You
I dont wanna do
I just wanna hold You

Now I need u here by myside
But now I think I should know,
U already goneee..

The end of You......
The end of You.......
No I cant do...
The end of You...
Please dont leave me my boo
Please dont leave me
The end of You
The end of you
The end of you

p/s this idea was made because of somebody in my life who lost the love F.......this is  for u which is dedicated to arwah U......Al-Fatihah...