My Bloggieeeeeee

My Bloggieeeeeee

Friday, May 14, 2010

eric hanna episode 1

diz is wut i wanna tell ya.....awal2 bulan mei ak g chat kt mamak chat..under
ak besa la...suke reka nick ganas2..
dlu kt kmpung chat nama ak ade la babyscoot_88..tuh cter dlu la..utk mbuka id bru ak pn mereka id ak ...cik_hanna_fell...knapa nick neh..sbb kwn2 ak cm ske pgl ak hanafel....smpai ak asek terjatuh2 sbb nick name tuh...luke gk la lutut ak tuh..
ak pn mule la bmaen kuiz kt c2..ak try luck..tnpa MNIru jwpn...boleh gk ak ak xphm ejaan pn dorg ley slh..
i'm very particular in spelling out dude~~..
so ble mulanya kgatalan ak..ak mcm tringin nk flirt dlm tuh je..bkn reality pn..
ak try luck dgn sowg guy neh dgn nick EriC...cute kn nama tuh..ktowg pn blagak mcm kekasih pd awl2..then tbe2 geng kwn2 beliau didlm server tuh mrh eric tuh bcnta dgn ak dlm mamak..
bkn btul pn kn........
so mcm2 la dorg wt bg ak dsingkirkan...
jd eric pn pm ak la....gtaw kt ak...cik hanna, nmpknye kita tpkse putuskn hbgn kita ak terkejut... mcm bnda neh seyes lak... ntah la..ak ase cm sdih tyme tuh..ak tataw pseypa..yg psty beliau bkn kekasih ak pn..n ak pn da lama single.........lame xmrase cnta cintun neh...
ak pn mmbls..ak ckp then its ok la eric....if u hope cm tuh i ikut beliau nggak mahu..
ak terharu la...ade gk owg syg r dunia chatting pnuh muslihat..
ak neh jnis kami btuka no..xsgka lak dy jnis xksh dgn ak......
perhhhh...ak cm neves je..kot2 la beliau tpoo aku ke...yayayyayayaya...
ak pn text bliau cpt2...nk check btul ke hamba allah neh..
so djadikan short story..ak pn text la dgn dy...
dy mule intro nama dy sume...ak xley cter sume..sbb dy xbg..
at the first time dy ckp keje cap ayam..
every single word is CAP cute je........
ak pn ckp la ak chokia...hahahahaha
spjgn pengenalan itu nama dy eric bkn nama sbnar...huhuhuh...
ble dy ckp dy posmen ak jnis xksh..bahkan ak bersyukur...adee gk posmen nk kwn dgn ak..susah tuh..hehehehe
ex ak pn bkn pgkat bsar pon..ak ok je dgn dowg..hahahaha

pjg agy cter nehhhhhhhh
adess...oh adamaya..

will be continue

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The End of You.....

Plz I'm begging dont leave me,
And I am felt so guilty
Felt so lonely..

I'm living here without u
Is moreeee like a sorrow
I cannot take it anymore
The end of You
The end of You.....

I can feel your breathe is still whisper in the air,
My Love....
I can feel your skin near to me,
That linger in my heart....

I cant resist anymore,
I dont wanna lose You
I dont wanna do
I just wanna hold You

Now I need u here by myside
But now I think I should know,
U already goneee..

The end of You......
The end of You.......
No I cant do...
The end of You...
Please dont leave me my boo
Please dont leave me
The end of You
The end of you
The end of you

p/s this idea was made because of somebody in my life who lost the love F.......this is  for u which is dedicated to arwah U......Al-Fatihah...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Oh My..
Where do we go?
Oh why?
We don't know why?
Being trapped in this place
Oh no
Where we are?
Oh I guess in the Scarcity

We cried bcoz of love
We die bcoz of them
They left us alone here
Hurted bt cutting ourself
Oh no! now we have scar
Scar inside our deepest heart

It torns apart
Our breathe is over
We are dying now
in this Scarcity
Oh Scarcity

This songs i created by myself...d idea was come from d economic class...huhuhuh

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well..Salam everyone...Ma name is mum gave birth on me on 27 th Jan 1988 which is located in Kuala Lumpur......well......i dun know how to explain bout me..but fyi my parents already divorce n i stayed with my dad until d age of 18....but life must goes on aite??
well, how to describe bout me???i dunno...i'm juz an ordinary gal which is simple but with a complicated life......but only d ppl really care bout me knows me well........later on i will continue my bloggie writing..weeeeeeee